Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weird Wednesday June 11

Weird Wednesday is an opportunity to remember why it is so important not to be influenced by the crowd. My hope is that my "Weird Wednesday" posts will help people find the courage to be different, and not simply follow the trends of society.

From the time we are young we struggle learning how to fit in, how to be accepted. We often do things simply because "Everyone else is doing it." How often do we let the trivial trends of society affect our daily choices? How often do we let our peers and coworkers change our style, actions, habits, etc. simply because they are doing things a different way? We are so much better than what we see around us. The better, more fulfilling choice is the one you make, without thought of what others might think.As Mark Twain once said, "Comparison is the death of joy." Our culture doesn't have to shape who we are, because that is our choice, and our choice alone. No one else gets to decide who you will be.

The Moral of the Moon Boots

My first influential experience with standing out came pretty early, in first and second grade to be exact. I had a pair of moon boots that I loved. The boots didn't have laces-but they would stay on your feet while running, and they were comfortable. For a young boy, shoes couldn't get any better. I wanted to wear them every day, including the entire summer. The problem was, the other boys at school didn't have the same feelings regarding the boots as I did. I was called "stupid boots" frequently by the school bullies.

One day I came home wondering if it was worth sticking to the boots, but didn't know how to express my feelings to my mother. I paced back and forth and around my mother in the kitchen. My mom realized there must be something amiss, and she bent over to ask me what was wrong.

"Did something at school bother you today?" my mother asked.
"The boys at school called me stupid boots," I told her.
"I'm sorry you had a bad day honey," my mother said trying to help.
"But mom," I said confused, "it wasn't a bad day, it was just a bad couple of minutes, the rest of the day was great!"

I'm glad to say, I wore those moon boots until my feet were so big they wouldn't nearly burst at the seems. I had to learn from my experience that no one could tell me when to feel good about myself.

This story often helps to remind me that I don't need to be affected by the crowd. Often I have grown self conscious about my appearance or other things, but I always think back to the rainbow moon boots, and I know what I want to do doesn't have to be affected by others. If you compare yourself to others, you will always be self conscious, and you will have a much harder time getting outside of yourself. We need to remember to stick to our morals and values. Let what you know to be right guide your life, not the comparisons you make with others. Get outside yourself by letting go of the self consciousness you feel over silly things. You have the power to change your world simply by being different.

Don't ever be afraid to wear you moon boots.


  1. I love this blog, John! Keep it going. Those boots were awesome. I wish I had a pair.

  2. Are those the actual boots?
    I can't believe you still have hem.
    Such wise words.