Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Purpose of this Blog

"Live to Bless, not Impress." I heard this phrase as a young teenager, and as I have gone through the past few years, I have started to realize what this really means. All of the posts on this blog from this point forward will be devoted to inspiration, service, life experience, and all the other ways that lives can be blessed. I hope to post inspiring pictures, quotes, and experiences that will help to inspire, and uplift. My posts may be pictures, quotes, or other messages.

I have decided to try and keep the following post schedule for each of the listed days each week. I will not post every day that is listed, but when I do, it will follow the theme for that day.

Motivation Monday-Reasons to keep on pressing forward
Testimony Tuesday-What and Why I believe
Weird Wednesday-Don't be afraid to stand out and stand up for what you believe
Thoughtful Thursday-Things to ponder on
Fun Friday-Something fun
Service Saturday-Ideas for service, and stories of service

I hope you enjoy looking through my blog.

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